Soy Candles

The Sitota Collection is made up of superior quality, luxury candles- all made using soy wax.

This is one of the elements that make our products unique. This vegetable wax is created using the oil of soy beans.

By using this option, we support US agriculture and farmers, but that is not the only positive from using this renewable source to create our luxury candles.

You essentially get more life from a candle that uses soy – as it can burn anywhere up to 50% longer than general paraffin candles.

The soy holds both the colour and scent better – ensuring that you get a steady stream of fragrance throughout the life of the candle, instead of a sudden burst on ignition and nothing but light for the rest.

Should the wax spill, it is also easily cleaned as it is water soluble, allowing you to deal with any accidents by using a little bit of soap and warm water.

Test the quality of our soy wax candles and you will soon see why the Sitota Collection stands out in the premium candle market.