Scented Candles

The Sitota Collection offers luxury scented candles in four distinct fragrances – all of which are distinctly different and inspired by incredible journeys.

Our products were born through the love of travel, and with the utmost care we have created fragrances that capture the essence of some of the most beautiful places on the plant.

For example, Blue Nile captures everything that makes the Blue Nile Falls in Ethiopia such a majestic destination.

Havana is a bold, masculine masterpiece with hints of leather, amber and tobacco in a bid to capture the sights and scents of Havana.

Aigyiptos takes one back to ancient Egypt. Like Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra, this complex blend is full of intriguing, seductive notes.

Last but certainly not least is Coco Noir. Inspired by the stunning Chaing Mai’s Loi Krathong festival, creamy coconut blends with natural exotic scents to bring complete calm.

Browse our range of scented candles online now to find the fragrance that resonates with you.