Luxury Candles

When it comes to luxury candles, the Sitota Collection stands out due to the love and care that has gone into the creation of each of our products.

Born through love of travel and cultural diversity our candles are unique but built to invoke treasured memories while creating a welcoming, relaxed environment.

There are many factors to why the Sitota Collection has become the preferred choice. Not only do we use traditional artisan techniques to blend our renewable soy wax infused with our custom fragrances – all done by hand.

Our choice to create a limited selection has allowed us to perfect our product, while soy wax offers a cleaner, slower burn – ensuring that our candles and offer up to 50% more “burn time” than paraffin candles.

We can continue to explain the benefits of our ingredients, or discuss the high quality, but the Sitota Collection is best experienced – so browse our products now, whether you want a treat for yourself or the perfect gift for a loved one.