Limited Edition Candles

Due to our decision to keep our batches smaller to focus on quality – buying a candle from the Sitota Collection essentially gives you a limited edition product.

Unlike factory made paraffin candles, our soy wax candles are made by hand using traditional artisan techniques – a factor that makes us stand head and shoulders above the competition.

When it comes to fragrances, you have a choice of four options. Blue Nile, inspired by the scenic beauty of Ethiopia; the masculine Havana scent; the Eastern delight that is Coco Noir, and the rich Aigyiptos with roots in ancient Egypt.

Our candles come in beautiful black jars, available in larger options or the travel friendly petit selection.

The luxurious, unique limited edition candles in the Sitota Collection were born with the aim to share a special gift – and this will shine through from the first burst of fragrance to the last flicker of light.