Fragrance Blending

Our four Signature Scents are remarkably unique on their own but were also designed so that you may experience more than just the signature fragrances. Here’s how to experience four additional fragrances.

Aigyptos + Havana + Blue Nile + Coco Noir
Discover  the extraordinary olfactory experience of  layering all four fragrances together. As the complimentary scents dance through the air you will be transported to different moments in time through a single setting.   Seductive top notes burn away introducing a plethora of heart notes which lead to an encore of sensual and mesmerizing long lasting bottom notes.

Aigyptos + Havana
The  amber and vanilla in Agiyptos smoothes and softens the teakwood in Havana. The jasmine and orange mingle with the pimento berries and sweet tobacco leaving you with an incredible tertiary scent.

Blue Nile + Coco Noir
The refreshing green scent of bamboo in Blue Nile surrounds the tantalizing coconut and cassis in Coco Noir adding a bit more mystery to this exotic layering.

Coco Noir + Aigyptos
The essential oils of balsam, orange and lavandin in Aigyptos accent the gentle sweet cassis in Coco Noir and subdues the coconut.