Excursion Candles

The Sitota Collection is made up of four luxurious Signature Excursion candles, infused with fragrances that have been inspired by some of the most beautiful locations on the planet.

We pay attention to every detail when crafting our candles. All are packaged in elegant black jars, while the soy wax is hand poured into each.

Infusing the fragrances is done via traditional artisan techniques, and we never mass produce our product to ensure that the greatest amount of care goes into the creation of each candle.

The four Signature Excursion candles that make up the Sitota Collection are Blue Nile, Havana, Aigyiptos and Coco Noir.

Our focus on quality over quantity is clear when burning a Sitota Collection candle. The soy wax holds fragrance better than general paraffin candles, so instead of getting one sudden, overpowering burst of fragrance, the relaxing aromas are released throughout the life of the candle. Our products can also burn up to 50% longer!

Experience an unforgettable journey through the Sitota Collection; browse our selection of products now.