Collector’s Candles

The Sitota Collection’s collector’s candles make the ideal gift or simply a special treat for yourself.

For collectors, there are four distinctly different candles to acquire – all of which are given the necessary time and care to meet the highest standards.

Blue Nile captures the essence of Ethiopia – the beauty of nature comes through in rich natural aromas.

Havana offers a masculine fragrance with hints of leather, amber and tobacco – and was inspired by beautiful afternoons in Norway, Jamaica, with tobacco smoke drifting from the porch into the fields, where fresh pimento berries were being picked.

Aigyiptos’ origins are in Egypt, where the rich history and strong female figure of Queen Cleopatra inspired a rich, sultry and seductive blend.

Coco Noir is an eastern delight, with the coconut and exotic scent recreating the atmosphere of the stunning Chaing Mai Loi Krathong festival.

If you are a candle collector, the Sitota Collection candles certainly belong in your display – so browse our selection online now.