The Sitota Collection offers more than your typical premium candles – it is a gateway to fond memories and faraway lands. Inspired by a love of travel, we have taken amazing fragrances from some of the world’s most inspiring locations and crafted candles that capture the essence of these breath-taking destinations.

From the Ethiopian influence experienced in our Blue Nile candles, to the strong, masculine scent of Havana, our range of signature candles are distinctly unique and unrivalled in terms of quality.

Using traditional artisan techniques, all of our candles are hand crafted to ensure that each product that leaves our possession does so with our stamp of approval. We also use soy wax, which is a renewable resource as well as a way to support local farmers and agriculture – while it also boasts a myriad of other benefits.

Our candles make an excellent gift, or simply a relaxing treat for yourself. Using our online store, you can safely and quickly purchase any of our luxury scented candles. Browse the selection now and indulge with the Sitota Collection.