Travel Gadgets We Love in 2015

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Travel is one of life’s most rewarding pursuits and in 2015 industry analysts predict that global citizens will enjoy even more opportunities to get out there and explore. With oil prices plummeting by over 50% in a matter of months the International Air Transport Association predicts that in 2015 the price of an average return airfare will drop by 5.1%. This means globe trotters enjoy more cash to spend on luxury hotels, unique activities and of course, all the latest travel gadgets. Here are some of our favorites!


At just $25 this ‘smart companion’ may be tiny but it’s now one of our must have travel gadgets of 2015. Tough, sleek and inherently handy, the mini key ring is a godsend for travelers with a tendency to misplace their possessions. Whether you drop it into your carry on, slot it into your purse, attach it to your keys or stick it to your cell phone its intelligent Bluetooth 4.0 LE connection will trace your lost belongings in a matter of seconds!

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TP-LINK TL-MR3040 router

Sick and tired of lackluster hotel internet connections? The ultra-modern TP-LINK TL-MR3040 router is the perfect solution. Simply plug the 2.4GHz travel router into your hotel’s Ethernet cable and enjoy a super speedy Wi-Fi connection that makes surfing the net a breeze. At just $64.95 it will soon pay for itself!

Image via: TP-Link

Jawbone Mini Jambox Multiplay

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure there’s nothing quite as relaxing as collapsing onto a luxurious hotel bed and unwinding to your favorite tunes. Earphones are handy but nothing beats the all-encompassing sound of an open air speaker. Turn any hotel room into a tranquil haven by whipping out your wireless Mini Jambox speaker, hitting play on your favorite album, lighting an intoxicating mini travel candle from The Sitota Collection Petit Excursion Quartet and feeling the stress melt away.

Image via: Jawbone

Apple Watch

Wearable technology was one of 2014’s hottest buzz words and in 2015 the trend is only set to gain momentum. This year we’ve got our hearts set on the next generation Apple Watch, an intuitive device that offer globe trotters some incredible features. From pulling up flight itineraries, viewing boarding passes, storing photos and checking the weather to locking doors, turning off lights and controlling thermostats back home, it’s set to revolutionize travel! Not to mention its compatibility with all your favorite travel apps.

Image via: Apple


If you’re like us your most likely have a tendency to collect credit cards like there’s no tomorrow! Keeping track of your plastic can be tedious which is why Coin is one of our top picks for innovative travel gadgets in 2015. Blending the convenience of credit cards with the intelligence of the digital age, this fabulously polished device rolls up to six cards into one slimline piece of hardware.

Image via: Coin

What’s your must have travel gadget for 2015? We want the scoop!