How to transform your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary

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Relaxing, rejuvenating and oh so indulgent, there’s nothing more enjoyable than a luxuriously long day at the spa. Yet with more and more people leading busy lives, finding the time to escape can be a task in itself. Thankfully, with just a few steps you can turn your very own bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary where your worries will melt away. Here’s how!


The first step to serenity is to de-clutter. Bathrooms can be a mecca for everything from empty bottles and old toothbrushes to cleaning spray and past its prime makeup. A good clear out of anything you don’t need will instantly improve the space. Then, try to hide away as much as you can in order to create a seamless look. Purchasing aesthetically pleasing wicker baskets is a great way to store anything that doesn’t fit in your existing storage.


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Scatter scented candles

The number one rule of day spas is that they always smell incredible. Recreate the intoxicating scents with premium quality soy blend candles. The Sitota Collection has an exquisite selection of scents that will instantly transform your bathroom into an exotic retreat. Whether you want to transport yourself to the Caribbean, the tropics or beyond, The Sitota Collection will take you there. Not only will lighting the candles create a fabulous perfume but it will also bathe your bathroom in ambient light.


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Once you’ve hidden all the unsightly clutter, it’s time to seek out a handful of statement items that will really give your bathroom that luxe day spa feel. A large mirror is an absolute must and can be chosen to complement your individual décor taste. Backlights will give your bathroom a sleek and modern look while gilding, carving and ornate detail will ooze old world elegance. Smaller touches are also important, with accessories such as stylized rocks, stones, flowers, vases and sculptures all helping to add a touch a class and refinement.


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Splurge on luxury bath products

What better way to revamp your bathroom than with some high end bath and body products that will make you feel like a million dollars? From face masks and body polishes to bubble bath and massage oil, treating yourself to a little luxury is well worth it! Gradually build up your collection and you’ll soon have a fully stocked day spa at your fingertips!


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Invest in ultra-plush towels

While it may seem like a small step, investing in premium quality fluffy towels will immediately boost the spa-style credentials of any bathroom. They look fabulous perched on shelves and also feel amazing on your skin after stepping out of a long soak in the tub. The larger the better in this case!


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Opt for serene colors

For a quintessentially tranquil feel, opting for serene shades is always advisable. Think creamy whites, light greens, airy blues and ash greys. Color coordinating walls, towels, accessories and even bath products will also make a huge difference to the overall look of your bathroom.


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By following these six simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to transforming your bathroom from a practical household hub into a relaxing tranquil retreat.