The World’s Most Beautiful Bike Trails

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Despite what you may think, bike trails aren’t just for first class athletes and ultra-fit cycling enthusiasts. In fact, spending the day peddling on two wheels can be enjoyable for almost anyone!

Yvette Gayle, founder of The Sitota Collection is well versed in the joys of cycling, and recalls “Last year was a time to re-discover old joys. As a kid, I used to take long bike rides through the countryside in West Virginia where my mother was born. Hills were abundant as well as dusty trails. As a kid I didn’t really appreciate the countryside and nature. However, my childhood memories foster that appreciation now.”

If you love light exercise and breath-taking scenery, you’ll love our handpicked collection of some of the most beautiful bike trails on the planet! Whether you clock up a few miles or go the whole nine yards, these routes are guaranteed to impress!

Main River Bike Path – Germany
Stretching for over 370 miles, Germany’s first purpose built long distance bike path shows off some of the nation’s most treasured assets, from churches and castles to vineyards and lakes. Approximately 90% of the path is paved which makes for a wonderfully easy cycle.
Image via: Smarter Travel

Munda Biddi Trail – Australia
For a real taste of the Australian bush, Western Australia’s Munda Biddi Trail is a beautiful ride. Starting in Mundaring, the track meanders through WA’s undeveloped country and finishes in the historic port city of Albany, some 260 miles South East of Perth. Along the way, you’ll spot an abundance of native wildlife including kangaroos, kookaburras and cockatoos. Go at it on your own or book a tour with one of the many cycling companies.
Image via: Australian Geographic

Shining Sea Bikeway – Cape Cod, Massachusetts
A US classic, the Cape Cod bike trail stretches for 10.7 miles. Starting in the historic village of North Falmouth, the trail takes riders through cranberry bogs, pristine beaches and even a few ice cream stalls! The ride concludes in Woods Hole and can be completed in just a few hours. This one is a wonderfully easy ride as the track is built on a former railway line which means its flat and paved the whole way. The US is one of Yvette’s favorite places to jump on a bike and embark on a spur of the moment adventure!

“Living in California, it’s the perfect state for bike riding. I love to ride along the pacific coast highway.  The rustling waves of the ocean and the cool refreshing breeze is simply amazing. One day my husband surprised me at work to take me to lunch. We took a beautiful ride from Santa Monica to Venice in 45 minutes. It was the perfect escape,” says Yvette.
Image via: Little Snowbirds

Shimanami Kaido – Japan
For those with a taste for adventure, Shimanami Kaido is just the ticket. This 37 mile trail takes riders through six different islands, from urbanized Honshu to charming Shikoku. Designated bike lanes line the entire route which makes it perfectly safe to stop and admire the incredible views of shrines, temples, lighthouses and the untouched Seto Inland Sea National Park.
Image via: Egrafx

Udaipur Bike Tour – Rajasthan, India
For a cycling experience unlike any other, India’s Udaipur Bike Tour is a truly unique trail. The track stretches from Karauli to Udaipur and takes riders past awe inspiring scenery including the Badi Mahal, Udaipur City Palace and mile upon mile of picturesque Indian countryside. With 90% of the route paved, it’s ideal for novice riders.
Image via: 3rd Planet Tours

Looking for more inspiration? Yvette has some fabulous words of wisdom…
“Perhaps it’s time for you to re-discover a joy from your past.  Make the most of your memories and learn how to create more. Life is a journey, why not take a ride?”

Whether you jet off on a resolute cycling holiday or simply spend the weekend exploring local trails, enjoying nature on two wheels is a fantastic way to get fit, have fun and soak up some gorgeous scenery!