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Daughter, Wife, Mother, Publicist, Artisan, Entreprenuer. I wear a lot of hats.

Life seems frantic on most days. Even while writing this post I’m multitasking in my mind. There is always much to do. But one thing that helps to calm my nerves is to make sure that the space surrounding me has AMBIANCE. Hence my love of decor and candles.

I’m traveling right now, staying in one of my favorite business hotels Le Parker Meridian in NYC. I’ve got my laptop open, my files spread apart and the most delicious scent burning in the corner. I’m experimenting with a new candle scent.  The blend highlights Madagascar Vanilla, Bourban, Agave, Neroli, Bergamot just to name a few notes.

All this to say, while the world is most hectic around me, I find solitude in scenting my personal space and consistently creating the perfect ambiance not only for my personal space but for my life!