The Making of A Scented Candle

August 15, 2014 Posted by admin - No Comments


13 is the number of months I’ve been trying to perfect this new scent.  For some reason my mind is fixated on coming up with a unique blend that includes the essence of Frankincense.

When I dream of this candle fragrance I picture me shopping in a Bazaar where culture and unique splendor walk hand in hand.  Visions of majestic fabric and artifacts linger along a cobblestone square while the wind carries the scent of incense, oils and spices. This is the memory I’m trying to capture.

It has to be BIG, It has to be BOLD, and it has to be WARM and SENSUAL all while not overpowering the nose.

I’ve made 100’s of candles and have not perfected it yet but I am close….