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The Sitota candle line is Yvette Davis Gayle’s third child. Since (starting date), she has been skillfully translating her most treasured memories into palatial fragrances. From panoptic travels and diverse cultures, four scents were born: yvette

  • Blue Nile: The birthplace of Yvette’s daughter, Ethiopia is a treasured destination for the family.  The candle aims to make you feel at one with nature, touching upon the scents of earthy, rich bamboo, wild grasses, bergamot, red grapefruit and jasmine.
  • Havana: Embracing the rugged and spirited nature of city, Havana captures the essence of tobacco, black pepper, leather, amber and musk. The passion of the region is translated through underlining scents of teakwood, black tea, cedar wood, patchouli and pimento berry essential oils.
  • Aigyiptos: A fragrance as rich and bold as Egypt’s history, Aigyptos combines the seductive base notes of amber, sandalwood and musk with exotic jasmine, lavender and orange; channeling the sultriness of Cleopatra. It is then infused with essential oils copaiba, balsam and lavandin.
  • Coco Noir: Inspired by the striking visuals at Chaing Mai’s Loi Krathrong festival, Coco Noir celebrates Yvette and her husband’s time in Thailand. During the festival home-made banana leaf boats adorned with flowers and candles, called Kathrongs, are released; thought to signify the releasing of anger, hate and negative thoughts. Much like the Loi Kathrong festival, Coco Noir is the catharsis that leads to ultimate relaxation. The combination of creamy coconut with alluring cassis enabling exotic blends instantly but you at ease.