The 2014 Travel Bucket List

January 21, 2014 Posted by admin - 2 Comments

As the year lurches forward our resolutions tend to get lost in the hubbub of everyday life. People go back to work, kids go back to school and all of the tenacity and moxie built up during the holiday starts to fizzle out.

Seeing as traveling is one of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions, we’ve composed this 2014 travel bucket list in order to help re-inspire your getaway plans.

The following are the destinations we, at Sitota, are currently lusting after:


Bali: Bali is often referred to as Indonesia’s Paradise Island and justly so. The tiny island spans less than 150km east to west and about 80km north to south, but houses everything a traveler could ever wish for: white sandy beaches, choice shopping malls, traditional markets, animal sanctuaries and even museums. What’s even more impressive is that Bali has actually developed it’s own version of Hinduism, Balinese Hinduism, based on a combination of local beliefs. Because of this Bali has a rich, strongly rooted culture.


Greece: The earliest evidence of human presence can be traced back to a cave in the northern Greek province of Macedonia. If that’s not a good enough reason to book a flight, maybe the stunning mountainsides and 16,000 kilometers of coastline will convince you. Not only is Greece beautiful beyond belief, it’s also an historical playground. With world heritage monuments scattered throughout. Greece is home to Mount Athos, the Archaeological Site of Olympia, the Medieval City of Rhodes and many more. It is a one-stop-shop for cultural tourism, where past civilizations met the present with a backdrop of blue beaches, carved hillsides, and some amazing food.


Cuba: Although, in the past, it was given bad reputation due to its history of turmoil (and the fact that it was essentially closed to Americans for nearly half a century), Cuba has since grown into a bustling and fervent destination. African, European and Caribbean cultures combine to add to the aura of romance the oozes from every corner. Cuba is a country animated, and there are no shortages of mesmeric beaches, colorful architecture and charming locals. From the revolutionist monuments, such as the sight of Che Guevara’s train battle, to fishing villages; from mesmeric beaches and architectural splendor to enchanting locals it’s easy for one to get lost in Cuba’s robust culture; however we assure you that they will find themselves again at a nightclub in Havana.


Vietnam: Vietnam is so beautiful that it almost makes you feel as though you’ve been dropped onto another planet. Take, for example Halong Bay characterized by its cerulean ocean framed by towering walls of limestone. Continue on to Sepa and Bac Ha and the verdant mountains sprinkled with tribal villages that surround the area. And how could we forget, the sandy bays of the central coastline. Amongst the enthralling landscape of Vietnam lie lovely locals, unspeakably spicy foods and a plethora of opportunities for adventure.


Cape Verde: Colonized by the Portugese in the 15th century, Cape Verde, or Cabo Verde, is made up of ten volcanic islands and five inlets off the coast of Senegal. Tourism in Cape Verde is still small scale, giving it a feeling of elusively and enterprise. Not only do the islands boast beautiful beaches with diverse marine life, but also mountains cloaked in rich greenery and even world heritage sites. Cape Verde is a destination for a true adventurer, in order to receive the full experience one must be willing to explore all the waterfront markets, costal villages, and hole in the wall cafes that the location has to offer.


Turkey: Turkey is a land of contradictions: cities and countryside, ancient ruins and contemporary culture, sugar-sand beaches and soaring mountains. All of which combine to make one heck of a vacation destination.  Turkey’s capacious history is no secret; however, what may come as a surprise is it’s sheer diversity. Whether you want to dance the night away in Istanbul or relax whilst looking out over the famed landscapes of Cappadocia, Turkey has you covered.