Meditation with Candlelight

March 11, 2014 Posted by admin - No Comments

meditation-by-candlelightThe warm glow of a candle flame is mesmerizing. You may have experienced the allure of sitting by a fireplace, gazing upon the flames as they crackle and burst. Tiny embers float through the sky but yet you hardly noticed.  You are fixated, hypnotized by the flame.

Candle meditation has been around since candles were invented. It originates far back to the beginning of humanity. If you’ve had the opportunity to sit in a room lit by candle light you probably already have experienced the flickering power of the flame. This is why candle meditation is very effective as a meditation technique. It provides an outlet to simply quiet your mind or focus your thoughts, shutting out the world. Unplug, detach and try some candle meditation. It’s easy.

  • Find a quiet, dark room and light your candle (or candles). Choose one flame to focus on and place it at eye level so that you will maintain good posture. Make sure you are using a flame resistant surface. Sit in a chair, on the floor or in complete lotus style. You must be comfortable to connect with your inner self.
  • Try using candles that offer a fragrance that represents the way you are feeling.  Soothing, comforting, energizing, and clarifying scents all work.
  • Now get comfortable and take a few long, deep breaths to relax; and then bring your attention to the flame. Soften your gaze and become fascinated with the dance of the flame… within a few seconds you will begin to relax.
  • As you gaze upon the flame, your mind will begin its usual wanderings.  That is completely normal. It takes time to master shutting out the world and all of life’s responsibilities.  When this happens just re-direct your attention to the flame, breathe deeply and start again.


Candle meditation is a self-guided practice.  It’s an exercise in self awareness and visualization. It may take some time to master the art but you will feel incredibly relaxed and soothed at the first attempt.  So don’t procrastinate. Grab your favorite candle, pick a spot and endure the luxury of meditation through candlelight.