Intoxicating Scents From Around the World

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As a company devoted to capturing the most enticing fragrances on the planet we have an intrinsic appreciation for scents. From invigorating essential oils to subtle hints of floral bouquets, we scour the globe with the mission of stimulating the senses. Here are some of our favorite aromas from around the world!

Jasmine – Asia

Blossoming in tropical and warm temperate regions, Jasmine is an ancient scent worn by some of history’s most illustrious figures, including Louis XVI and Cleopatra. The delicate flower is used to produce what’s known as the ‘Queen of Essential Oils’ and graces the formulas of the world’s most exclusive perfume brands. As far as adjectives go the words exotic, calming and superlatively sensual come to mind.

Image via: Green HD

Sandalwood – Australia

Sandalwood is native to several regions however the Australian species is renowned for its distinct aroma and beautiful fine grain wood. Its oil has been treasured for centuries, with recent prices rising to over $2000 per kilo. The rich woody scent is wonderfully sultry and made all the more seductive by its slightly sweet edge.

Image via: Boisde Jasmine

Bergamot – Italy

Originating from the Italian town of Bergamo, this small citrus tree has gained worldwide respect for its citrus-like fragrance with hints of spicy floral notes. It’s adored by aromatherapy experts and is even used to flavor edible treats such as Earl Grey tea and Turkish Delight.

Image via: Bramble Berry

Copaiba – South America

Rich, woody and magnificently uplifting, copaiba essential oil is extracted from the trunks of pinnate-leaved South American leguminous trees.  Its sweet and exotic fragrance is just as invigorating as South America itself!  As well as smelling divine it’s also a renowned natural anti-inflammatory.

Image via: Ayahuasca Association

Chocolate cosmos – Mexico

Love chocolate? You’ll go wild for the tantalising perfume of Mexico’s chocolate cosmos flower. The light and creamy vanilla fragrance is perfect for sprucing up bouquets and is particularly enticing on hot summer’s days. Don’t be tempted to try a petal though as the blossoms are poisonous!

Image via: The Guardian

Wild grass – Ethiopia

With its sprawling savannahs and diverse wildlife Ethiopia is a country that oozes natural beauty. And nothing encompasses its landscape quite like the scent of wild grass. The unique smell embodies the essence of the country’s wild spirit and is guaranteed to make an impression on any traveler.  Want to enjoy the earthy scents of wild grass in your very own home? The Sitota Collection’s Blue Nile luxury soy blend scented candle is based on key notes of wild grass complemented by bamboo, bergamot, red grapefruit and jasmine.

Image via: A Passion for Science

New Orleans – USA

It may seem a little bizarre but according to a recent write up from GQ magazine New Orleans is the nicest smelling city on the planet! Its signature scent exudes from every street corner, captivating locals and visitors alike with a hypnotic blend of wooden porches, plastered walls, moss, salt spray from the Gulf and freshwater from the Mississippi. GQ also gives a nod to breaths of old beer, frying fat, mud and lush grass. Is it intoxicating? We’ll let you be the judge!

Image via: Huffington Post

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