Five Things You Should Share With Your Husband On Fathers Day

June 16, 2014 Posted by admin - No Comments

SitotaFamilyFathers Day is not only a time for the kids to express their love for their dads. It’s also a special time for wives to show their gratitude for their spouse. Here’s a tip on five things you can share with hubby today.

1)     I appreciate you.  It’s not only the kids who appreciate all the sacrifices dad makes throughout the year. Let your hubby know that you are grateful for everything he does for the family. You could not do life alone.

2)     Your work is extremely important. His day job may help foot the bills but it’s his job as father that brings in the most value in the household. Studies show that our children are more grounded, less likely to use drugs and get into trouble with the law if their fathers take an active role in their life to make them feel safe and loved.

3)     I support you. Every father wants to feel like they are making the right decisions in raising their children. Today remind him that he does not do it alone and that you support him in his efforts to be a great dad.

4)     I’m glad you are not just like me. Wives, appreciate the way your husband parents even if it’s not the way you would do things. Let him know that his way is important too.

5)     I love you and chose you to be the father of our children. Let him know the qualities that you fell in love with. After all it was oyur choice to share a life with this man and you chose him to father your children. Remind him of all the wonderful qualities he has and most of all tell him you love him every day.