A ‘Scent-ual’ Valentine’s Day

January 29, 2014 Posted by admin - 8 Comments


Smell and memory are very closely linked. A whiff of a familiar smell can recapture a moment or even alter someone’s mood- making it the ultimate wingman.  Throughout history, the Indian, Chinese and other cultures have used scents in order to evoke responses ranging from sexual to spiritual. If you’ve ever stood behind an exceptionally nice smelling person and found yourself wishing that the grocery line would go on forever, you have experienced the correlation of scent and attraction first hand. Think back to the last time you snuggled up into a bed of freshly made sheets and felt that warm wave of relaxation rush over you. Let that feeling of unadulterated bliss answer any unresolved questions.

Now that we have established the power of scents, it is time to find out how to make that power work to your advantage this Valentine’s Day. Below are scents that are scientifically proven to promote arousal and sexuality:

  1. Cinnamon– Some of the best dating advice came out of the 1995 movie, Clueless when Cher says “Whenever a boy comes, you should always have something baking” and then proceeds to shove a log of cookie dough into the oven.  Studies have shown that men are attracted to the scent of baking food-especially cinnamon. Historically, the scent has been used as a perfume. Even in one of Jesus’ parables, a seductress lures a man to a bed of cinnamon.
  2. Vanilla– Studies preformed by Neurologist Alan Hirsch of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation found that vanilla was the most alluring scent to mature men. The great thing about vanilla is that you can be eat it, drink it, or just smell it. It’s a triple threat.
  3. Lavender– Cleopatra used lavender to seduce Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. Enough Said.
  4. Musk– Musk is a man’s best friend. Women are 1,000 times more sensitive to the scent then men. It is said to closely resemble the scent of male pheromones.
  5. Jasmine- For such a subtle scent, Jasmine packs a lot of punch. In India, Jasmine oil has been used for centuries to increase libido. It rich, sweet smell is warming and seductive. It is also said to have the ability to open the other senses to new experiences.

This Valentine’s Day try adding a few drops of scented oil to your bath or use them to give your significant other a sensual massage. Another tip to help set the mood is to burn candles that have the above scents such as Sitota’s very own Aigyiptos and Havana candles.