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Spring is here and very soon millions of people will be planning their summer breaks all over the world.  We take a look at some of the trends and preferences happening in 2014.


Global transport giant, Uber is surging ahead of cabs for many modern travellers as they can check on their mobile phone app for a vehicle in the area rather than queuing up for a cab or bus.  There is also the peace of mind knowing that this is the same company that you use in your own country and the system of being billed rather than paying in cash is familiar.

Airlines charging for more services

Watch out for seemingly low airfares with lots of hidden costs and extras.  Airlines are charging for window seats, aisle seats, baggage, food, check in services and more.  Be aware of these hidden costs – especially when travelling with a large family!

Bike sharing

Bike-Sharing-Blog-SitotaBike sharing became big across the U.S. in 2013, when cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco launched their systems. That caused the bike-sharing fleet in the country to double, and experts believe it will double again in 2014 as new cities launch programs. Many bike-sharing cities are adding protected bike lanes and traffic lights just for bicyclists.


Travel to eat

Travelers have become obsessed with authentic regional cuisine.  More and more travelers want to take local cooking classes, go with chefs to food markets, and meet farmers, cheese makers and winemakers.

Green travellers

Wooden-Key-Cards-SitotaTravelers are becoming more responsible and specific about their wishes to remain as eco-friendly as possible when traveling.  Something new out of Sweden this year is wooden key cards.  Described as sustainable, biodegradable, reusable and durable, these wooden cards will start to replace some of the 30 billion plastic cards which are manufactured annually. Hotel chains Mövenpick; Radisson Blu; Westin; Four Seasons; Accor; Scandic and Kempinski are using these cards already.

South America – Brazil World Cup

The Soccer World Cup is being hosted in Brazil in June/July this year and then they also host the Summer Olympics in 2016.  Many of the travellers making their way to the World Cup will add on and extend their trips to include other destinations on the South American Continent.  Peru is South America’s gastronomic capital and will attract “foodies” from the world over while Chile has a series of hot new boutique hotels which have just opened.

Families to visit Africa for Safari

Family-Safari-SitotaAs we come to rely more and more on technology and cyber experiences, so we also realise how much we miss some basics of nature.  Many families want to get back to nature and show their children the beauty and peace that exists in the bush.  Families are booking safaris and in response, operators are meeting the demands for more child-focused trips. Tour Operator &Beyond, recently started a WILDChild program that makes safaris fun and educational for little ones.  South Africa’s malaria-free game parks are favored by many families, since there is no need for preventative medication.

Homestays and real experiences

2014 Travelers want a “real” experience.  They want to feel the local flavors of their destinations and they are increasingly looking at home stay options.  Airbnb offers accommodation in peoples’ homes in over 190 countries.  offering options of socialising with the host family and staying in tree houses and houseboats, these real experiences are proving to be very popular.

Free WiFi

Wi-Fi has become an absolute necessity and more and more hotels are providing fast, free W-Fi access to their guests.  A few years ago, hotels saw Wi-Fi as a way to make money by charging guests a per hour usage fee.  Now, travelers are calling the shots and many will take their business elsewhere if free Wi-Fi is not included in the deal.  Even large cruise liners like Regent Seven Seas and Viking Ocean Cruises have promised free Wi-Fi on board all ships by 2015.

What is it that you are looking for in a destination this summer?