8 mouth-watering Michelin star restaurants from around the globe

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Most seasoned jet setters will testify that sampling local cuisines is one of the unsurpassed joys of travel. If you have a passion for food, read on for a handpicked collection of some of our favorite Michelin star restaurants from around the world.

Noma – Copenhagen, Denmark

Any foodie with a remote interest in Michelin stars will undoubtedly have heard of Copenhagen’s world famous Noma. The establishment is houses in a converted dockside warehouse which gives it an instant air of Scandinavian swagger. Head chef René Redzepi is celebrated for using the freshest seasonal ingredients to put a contemporary twist on traditional Nordic cuisine.

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Dinner by Heston Blumenthal – London, UK

Located in London’s coveted Hyde Park Mandarin Oriental hotel, this establishment is a mecca for experimental gourmands. Mr. Blumenthal is famous for his eclectic menus and Dinner most definitely delivers. The signature Meat Fruit and Tipsy Cake with Spit-Roast Pineapple dish has gained cult status, with exciting new creations constantly being added to the ever changing menu.

Image via: Mandarin Oriental

El Celler de Can Roca – Girona, Spain

This family restaurant is run by a trio of Catalonian brothers and boasts three Michelin stars. The region is fiercely proud of its cuisine and is famous for its indulgent 14 course culinary experience designed to tantalize the taste buds, delight the eyes and inspire the mind. And did we mention the gorgeous

Image via: El Celler de Can Roca

Osteria Francescana – Modena, Italy

Chef Massimo Bottura heads this three Michelin star gem which is nestled away in one of Modena’s charming side streets. The atmosphere is classy and intimate, with white linen tablecloths, glossy black and white artwork and an impressive wine list with other 1200 choices! As for the food… Bottura blends classic Italian recipes with modern culinary techniques to create mouthwatering dishes that are guaranteed to delight.

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D.O.M – Sao Paulo, Brazil 

For those unfamiliar with this particular acronym, D.O.M is short for Deo Optimus Maximus, a Latin phrase which translates to ‘God is greatest and best.’ The high end restaurant has elevated South American cuisine onto the international stage, winning diners over with its bold Amazonian flavors and indigenous  ingredients sourced from the depths of the jungle. Think Tambaqui ribs, prawns with mangarito and a side of deep mauve yam.

Image via: D.O.M

Nahm – Bangkok, Thailand 

Nahm may be run by Australian born chef David Thompson but the restaurant serves up some of the best eats in the whole of Asia. Not to mention the first Thai restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star! The establishment is housed in Bangkok’s ultra-swanky Metropolitan Hotel and treats guests to a fusion of rustic décor and contemporary Asian chic.  Want to recreate the sultry feel of Thailand’s tropical nights at your very own dinner table? Scattering a handful of The Sitota Collection’s oh so sultry Coco Noir scented soy blend candles around the room is a fabulous way to fill the room with ambience and a wonderfully exotic fragrance – perfect for Asian themed dinner parties!

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Eleven Madison Park, New York, USA

With its sleek art deco interior and grand floor to ceiling windows, Eleven Madison Park embodies the glamorous spirit of the Big Apple. Daniel Humm heads the kitchen and delights guests with his specially curated interactive menu featuring card tricks, secret table compartments and a whole lot of fun.

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Mirazur, Menton, France

This French pearl has had a plethora of industry awards bestowed upon it, including two Michelin stars. Mauro Colagreco’s approach to cuisine is simple yet refined, with recipes designed to let ingredients shine. Seafood is the establishment’s claim to fame and what better place to enjoy it than in Mirazur’s beautifully restored 1950s building which boasts spectacular sea views and a stunning outlook of the Menton cityscape. Oo la la!

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