5 ways to transform your bedroom into a romantic getaway

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There’s nothing quite as romantic as jetting off into the sunset with your beloved. Whether it’s an exotic island retreat or a chic inner city getaway, romance filled vacations are something that every couple fantasizes about. Yet unfortunately for most, the demands of hectic modern life ensure that these daydreams stay firmly in your head.

Luckily, there are some simple yet effective things you can do to transform your bedroom into a romantic getaway that will make you feel worlds away from your everyday routine.

Here are our top five favorite techniques:

1.    Scatter the Room with Luxurious Candles

It’s a universally acknowledged fact that there is nothing more romantic that the ambient glow of candlelight. Not only is it incredibly flattering but it also helps to create a wonderfully sultry mood that sets the perfect scene for a little in-house romance. Scented candles are also fantastic for filling the air with an intoxicating fragrance that will have you and your partner inhaling with delight.

If you want to experience exotic scents from around the globe, Sitota candles are the ideal accompaniment to a romantic night in. Inspired by the enchantment of travel, the luxury scents will transport you to the destinations of your dreams.

For a breath-taking selection of aromas from all corners of the globe, why not try the Petit Excursion Candle Quartet? Featuring the earthy bamboo undertones of Blue Nile, the seductive notes of Aigyptos, the masculine hints of Havana and the tantalizingly tropical blends of Coco Noir, this decadent quartet oozes holiday romance.

2.    Choose a Soothing Color Scheme

It’s been proven time and time again that colors influence emotions. This means that when it comes to transforming your bedroom into a romantic getaway, the palate should be soothing, relaxing and suitably sensual.

Depending on your own personal taste, you can go for anything from elegant creams to dramatic burgundies. While walls are the ideal way to establish a theme, continuity can also be achieved through the use of smaller accessories such as curtains, rugs, candles, bed linen and other decorative items.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, try flicking through interior design magazines and start to build an ideas board of your favorite romantic bedroom looks.

3.    Up the Ante On Your Cushion Collection

For the ultimate in dreamy holiday indulgence, invest in some additional cushions to scatter around the room. While you may not want to sleep on more than one or two pillows, arranging an artistically stacked pile at the head of your bed will instantly transform your bedroom from domestic drab to boudoir sexy.

4.    Clean and De-Clutter

There is nothing more stressful than a room that is full of mess and clutter. In fact, recent studies have even shown that the presence of clutter is a major cause of stress for modern day women. As such, combating the chaos should be high on your priority list if you want to convert your bedroom into a romantic haven.

Candles, ornaments, flowers and picture frames can stay, it’s things such as stacks of mail, DVDs, magazines and dirty laundry that need to find a new home!

5.    Say Farewell to the TV

If you have a television set in your bedroom, the first step to a romantic revolution is to relocate it to another area of the house. While you may not realize it at the time, watching TV in bed can have a significant impact on the closeness and intimacy felt between couples. Discarding the set will help you to connect with your lover and ensure that time in the bedroom is spent exclusively enjoying each other’s company.

Using these five simple tips, you have the power to transform your bedroom into a romantic retreat where you and your other half can relax, unwind and indulge in the in-house getaway of your dreams.