5 Must Have Products For The Sustainable Traveler

September 2, 2014 Posted by admin - No Comments


Across the globe, more and more travelers are beginning to develop an increasing awareness for eco-friendly tourism. To help you maximize enjoyment and minimize your environmental footprint, we’ve put together a handpicked list of six products that should make an appearance in the luggage of every eco-conscious nomad.


While some see them as the downfall of the traditional printed book, we think e-readers are a fantastic way to save paper and make sure you’re never short of a good read! There is huge selection of models out there which means travelling bookworms are spoilt for choice. So rather than lug around a novel only to throw it away a few days later, why not treat yourself to a virtual library that requires zero paper and no wastage?

Petit Excursion range

If you’ve got the luxury of luggage space, the Sitota Petit Excursion range is a fantastic way to transform your holiday accommodation into a sensual sanctuary. Featuring four of Sitota’s signature scents, the compact candles are perfect for slipping into your suitcase. And best of all, they’re crafted using a natural soy blend wax. As well as being eco-friendly, soy blend wax also burns more efficiently than its paraffin counterparts which means you’ll be able to indulge in the irresistible scents of Blue Nile, Aigyptos, Havana and Coco Noir for 18+ hours. Pure holiday indulgence!

Portable solar charger

Whether you’re travelling off the beaten track or kicking back in a luxury resort, a portable solar charger is a fantastic way to help reduce your carbon footprint. Using natural energy from the sun, you can charge everything from your e-reader and laptop to you iPod and mobile phone. It’s also the perfect travel companion for those travelling to far flung destinations with limited electricity. And with prices starting at around $50, they’re amazingly affordable!

Reusable water bottle

According to recent statistics, the US alone consumes around 30 billion plastic water bottles a year. That’s a huge 1500 per second and an estimated $100 annual spend per person! While the convenience of picking up a bottle of water at the store can be incredibly tempting, carrying your own and refilling it at taps and water stations is a great way to reduce the environmental burden of the water bottling industry. As well as reducing CO2 emissions, lightening landfill demand and cutting back pollution, you’ll also be saving yourself a whole lot of cash. After all, who wouldn’t want to swap that $100 for a relaxing massage, sentimental souvenir or mouth-watering meal at your favorite hotel? For those travelling to countries where tap water is a health risk, why not invest in a special self-cleansing water bottle, STERIpen or purifying tablets? It may cost a little more but in the long run, your bank balance and the natural environment will thank you.

Choose eco-friendly toiletries

While you may not realize it, a large number of hygiene and beauty products contain chemicals and additives that are not only bad for your body but also for Mother Nature’s. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is one of the major culprits used by brands to help products foam up. While it may feel nice to drench your locks in bubbles of shampoo, the compound is also used in heavy duty cleaning products and has even been labelled as a potential carcinogenic. Instead, look for products with eco-friendly credentials and all-natural ingredients. They’re just as effective as mainstream products and will make you feel great without harming the planet.

Whether you’re heading off on a weekend getaway or embarking on a multi-month adventure, these five fantastic products will help make your vacation both enjoyable and eco-friendly.