4 Awe Inspiring Festivals That Are Worth the Trip

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Across the globe different cultures mark special events and dates with an array of utterly unique festivals. If you’re a zealous globe trotter with a passion for experiencing the wonders of travel we’ve put together a list of our top four awe inspiring festivals that are most definitely worth the trip!

Loi Krathong and Yi Peng Festivals – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Most parts of Thailand celebrate the Festival of Lights by releasing floating lotus-shaped offerings into the water.  This enchanting event is known as Loi Krathong and sees Thais pray for the power to let go of anger, hate and negative thoughts. In the North, residents take an even more magical approach. Instead, they release thousands upon thousands of paper lanterns into the sky, simultaneously wishing for luck and longevity. The enthralling events are so mesmerizing that they inspired Yvette Gayle, owner at the Sitota Collection to create a luxury soy blend scented candle to capture the essence of the awe inspiring festivals. Using creamy coconut, fragrant cassis and the exotic blend of Coco Noir is designed to relax the spirit and calm the mind.

“Chiang Mai’s Loi Krathong Festival is visually stunning and is one of the most beautiful celebrations that my husband and I have ever attended,” she recalls.

Image via: Canvas of Light

Dia de los Muertos -Mexico

While in English this festival literally translates to ‘Day of the Dead,’ Mexicans actually spend this sinister sounding holiday gathering with family and friends to remember loved ones who have passed. The day is a whirlwind of color, with sugar skulls, marigolds and offering left on the graves of the deceased.

Image via: Webcb News

Holi – India

If you love to immerse yourself in unforgettable cultural experiences then India’s annual Holi festival should definitely make an appearance on your travel bucket list! The ancient Hindu festival is held in spring and is also known as the festival of colors due to the fact that the main event sees people shower each other in a kaleidoscope of dry powders and colored water. The entire day is filled with music, dance and a whole lot of energy!

Image via: Holiday India

Carnival of Venice – Italy

It’s one of the most famous festivals in the world and not without reason! This fairytale-esque tradition dates back to over 900 years ago and is essentially an excuse for Venetians to let their hair down, mask their faces and indulge in guilt free pleasures. During the carnival the enchanting city of Venice comes alive with live music, street entertainers, glittering lights an aura of untamed mystery.  Just be sure to book any accommodation in advance as the city’s population soars during the revelry.

Image via: Holy City

If you’re a self-confessed travel buff then these four spectacular festivals are not to be missed experiences. Whether you head to Thailand, Mexico, India or Italy, we guarantee that you’ll be heading home with a smile on your face, an open heart and a plethora of unforgettable memories.