Yvette Davis Gayle

Artisan: Owner 

My fairytale  begins with an enchanted courtship, miraculous birth, and the most profound gift from God. The Sitota Collection is inspired by the love of  travel and cultural diversity, born out of necessity, to share one of life’s most precious gifts…my Sitota.  

Brooklyn born. Los Angeles based.  Veteran entertainment publicist. Artisan. Almost two decades in the music industry has afforded me the remarkable opportunity of seeing the world. Monte Carlo, Lisbon,  Port Au Prince, London, and Tokyo recall treasured moments.  Vacations with my husband to Tuscany, Paris, Montego Bay, Barcelona, Cape Town and Phuket were awe-inspiring.  My world is a global landscape. And like a painter who paints his past, I create luxury products to recall my most precious memories. My luxurious candle fragrances highlight my very personal journey. A remarkable journey that led me to Ethiopia... to my daughter Sitota.  

What first began in my kitchen, blossomed into existence from an idea my six year old son  had one day. “Mama,” he said as I was making up a batch of my hand poured candles. “We should have a manufacturing plant and have stores in every country that sell our candles.”  From his lips to God's ears, The Sitota Collection was born. 

Yvette Gayle